Checking in (Wave 1)

Just leaving a quick note for readers curious about my progress. In my last post I said I was working on an initial preview release of my mod with some new features. I’ve basically been heads down coding since I wrote that post and I finally punched through and end-to-end spike of an initial set of use cases.

I pull up a video of this scene literally any time I get any non-trivial amount of code to run as expected.

Now comes the fun part, rigorous automated testing of 100+ test cases and more bug fixing. Making sure that not only do things work the way I expect where I expect but that they don’t work in other ways where I don’t expect and that everything that does work does so for the right reason(s) and that nothing crashes. The bar is far higher for even a preview of a mod than for my past prototypes so I have to really go at things with hard pipe-hitting, blowtorch- and pliers-wielding permutations now.

This bug bashing is what I’m up to for the next 48-hours then on Friday (just in time for the weekend) I plan to publish some bits to play with. I also have to script and record a brief video explaining what to actually play with.

Fingers crossed! We’ve got a long road ahead of us and this first step is tremendously important. See you soon!


5 thoughts on “Checking in (Wave 1)

  1. The programmer’s poem:

    I hate programming
    I hate programming
    I hate programming
    It works!
    I love programming


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